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Saturday, 22 February 2014


Next up is the 3D experience film of the year! I'm not a big fan of 3D though I've only seen Avatar and Dial M for Murder in (the original 3D).

Gravity (2013) is an action/adventure film by Alfonso Cuaron.

Three astronauts work on improving the Hubble Telescope. Dr. Ryan Stone is installing a new medical prototype as Shariff Dasari finishes his work. Matt Kowalski is the supervising astronaut who is about to retire and seeking the longest recorded spacewalk. However, their work is interrupted by a mass of space debris caused by an exploding space station. This hurls Doctor Stone into space.

Gravity moves between suspense and action much better than Captain Phillips. The tight point of view on Doctor Stone allows the film to exploit her helplessness to full effect. Unfortunately, this realism is undercut by Dr. Stone's action movie luck since she probably should have died at least twice during the middle of the film. The film's journey, however, proves surprisingly worthwhile. It also gives form to one of the most hated cinematic evils ever!

Our Heroine
Dr. Ryan Stone is a woman caught up in incredible circumstances that ultimately reveal her inner character. She makes this film worth watching. She is still trying to come to terms with a loss and as been drifting through her life since. Her ultimate conclusion allows this film to rise above its action 3D experience base. Sandra Bullock shows that her status as a Hollywood star is not overrated. I don't particularly like her normally, but she is superb in this film.

Doomed Observer
Matt Kowalski is a man with a million stories and the most experienced astronaut on the team. He gives Dr. Stone the push she needs to not just curl up into a ball and die.Unlike the shamelessly milked for pathos Shariff Dasari (seriously, that family photo?), he is built up through his actions over the first act. George Clooney puts in a solid performance, but it is far from his best. It gets better as the film goes on: he's better at being dramatic than funny.

Hated Foe
The main rival of our hero is A BUNCH OF SHIT FLYING AT THE SCREEN! Way to get me on our heroine's side. I flinched several times in the third debris strike because it was impossible not to. The debris is probably the thing that makes this film most implausible; the debris explanation is dumb. The Russians destroy a spy satellite and the debris causes a chain reaction... All Russians should be offended by this. Less is more, movie.

Stellar Atmosphere
Gravity should win Best Visual Effects with no challengers. I wouldn't be surprised if it wins Best Cinematography, but I'm not rooting for it. Every environment in this looks gorgeous. SOme will likely spend this whole film wondering how they made it look so good.

In the End
Get about two thirds into the film and you'll know mostly how it ends.

Gravity is quite the ride and one worth taking. Its action scenes go overboard at times, especially when the shit attacks and the fire on the International Space Station. It also goes a little overboard in exploring religion but makes some nice points about it. See this film if you enjoy gorgeous movies about personal discovery or are looking for a 3D experience film with a bit more intelligence.

Next Time: Nominee Number Six steals the show!

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