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Thursday, 11 October 2012

Rating Scale

The Rating Scale:

10 Masterpiece 10s are truly exceptional in their field. It represents the complete package: a solid story, entertaining characters, well-connected plot and overarching themes. It has hardly any flaws and really speaks to me personally.

9 Excellent A nine is close to perfect. It includes several superb things, but may not be completely appealing to others. This is still a solid recommendation.

8 Great An eight is something that people should definitely enjoy. There might be flaws, but they don't affect the enjoyment of the thing as a whole. This is the level where I may not personally enjoy it, but I recognize that it should be seen.

7 Good This is something that is enjoyable, but has some problems. The story might not be too original or the characters might be a bit flat, but this has something that made me enjoy it.  Anything at this rank is still something I would recommend.

6 Decent This is about the line where I get torn. A six likely has many good things about it, but many bad. However; it still might be something to experience if you find you have different tastes than I do.

5 Average This rank represents something disappointing only in the fact that it is exactly what was expected. There are few surprises and no stand out moments.

4 Substandard At four we find things quite flawed with only a few decent or good moments. This is where it starts to go really bad. At this level there are likely only one or two good thigs.

3 Poor There are not a lot of good things in it and quite a few bad. This one that should be skipped because there isn't much worth experiencing. The balance of bad stuff tips the scale here.

2 Bad A deeply flawed thing that has a saving grace. Amongst what is likely a mass of terrible things there is some nice scenery or pretty writing or a decent character or an interesting theme. However, the one thing is not enough to save it.

1 Awful This ranks something that goes beyond my dislike or a sense of being very flawed. This is a type of thing that has offended my sensibilities in some way. Also, a lack of any likeable characters could land something here.

0 Atrocious This is something that has no redeeming qualities. A zero is something that I might use as a form of torture.

Feel free to refer back to this or even call me out if you find I don't follow it. I'm always up for a lively respectful debate.

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