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Monday, 24 December 2012

Doctor Who Short Trips Vol. 1

Merry Christmas Eve! Big Finish's Short Trips is a series of short stories read mostly by Doctor Who actors. Each volume contains one story for each of the first eight Doctors.

Rise and Fall (2010) By: George Mann, Read by: William Russell
The First Doctor and Ian Chesterton land on an idyllic planet and view strange faces blinking in and out of existence. This is a nice little mood piece that gives not only a sense of the First Doctor's stories, but of science fiction during the sixties in general. New listeners should be fine with understanding this after just the first episode of the classic Doctor era. 7/10

A Stain of Red in the Sand (2010) By: David A McEwan, Read by: David Troughton
A woman lives in a run down building at the edge of a desert overseen by the strange insectoid caretakers. This is a strange alien world tale with a lot of bizarre and abstract ideas that aren't really explored. This short story is less of a story and more of a character witnessing the Doctor's actions without being involved. Really strange, but worth a listen. 6/10

A True Gentleman (2010) By: Jamie Hailstone, Read by: Katy Manning
A strange yet kindly visitor always rents a boy's father's cabin in the summer. One day the boy is walking home and he gets a flat tire. His father allows him to go with the strange man and he winds up in the middle of an interstellar conflict. This story is short, simple and to the point. Not the most original tale, but certainly enjoyable and fun. 7/10

Death-Dealer (2010) By: Damian Sawyer, Read by: Louise Jameson
Leela and the Fourth Doctor are in an alien marketplace and he is trying to teach her the concept of currency. Leela spots a knife and decides to purchase it when the Doctor gets distracted. Unfortunately she gets more than she bargains for. This is the best story in the collection. It manages to hit all the best Doctor Who notes while not stretching itself too thin. 8/10

The Deep (2010) By: Ally Kennen, Read by: Peter Davison
Nyssa has fixed the TARDIS' chameleon circuit and the Fifth Doctor decides to test it out. He decides to land where there couldn't possibly be a police box around to replicate: the middle of the ocean. This is a fun and peril filled tale that highlights the more pacifist Fifth Doctor and gives Nyssa a chance to shine. 7/10

The Wings of a Butterfly (2010) Written and Read by: Colin Baker
The Sixth Doctor is summoned by one of his old professors on Galifrey. The teacher wants to know why an advanced and peaceful civilization has wiped itself out. Both written and read by the Sixth Doctor, Colin Baker, himself, this is a great Sixth Doctor tale. It is a bit wonky, but it delves into some of the more "timey wimey" stuff. 7.5/10

Police and Shreeves (2010) By: Adam Smith, Read by Sophie Aldred
A young shopkeeper has a secret. She is an alien known as a Shreeve who feeds on electricity. Unfortunately she's gotten herself mixed up with the wrong people and its up to the Seventh Doctor and Ace to help. A nice slice of life that feels like it jumped right out of the better parts of eighties Doctor Who. 7/10

Running Out of Time (2010) By: Dorothy Koomson, Read by India Fisher
A man knows when people are after him. He awakened years ago with no memories of his past. Now they've found him again, but this time a man has come to help him remember: the Eighth Doctor. Okay, I may be being a bit harsh on this one, but it has a weird mix of espionage, fantasy and science fiction that didn't quite come together. 5.5/10

This is not for Doctor Who newbies, but is an excellent listen for classic series fans. Each story provides a great taste of the first eight Doctors and even conatins a feel for their era.
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